people_134_thumb.gif T.W. Wells
buildings_197_thumb.gif Texaco Oil Ogallah Station
hays_058_thumb.gif Texas Co.
buildings_072_thumb.gif Texas Oil Co
buildings_098_thumb.gif Texas Oil Co - Riggs Tire Shop (115 W. 8th)
buildings_081_thumb.gif Texas Oil Co.
buildings_035_thumb.gif Texas Oil Co.
houses_021_thumb.gif Texas Oil Co. [Commerce Roofing Co.]
buildings_091_thumb.gif Texas Oil Co. Lamer Station
buildings_255_thumb.gif The First Baptist Church Hays, KS
miscellaneous_050_thumb.gif The Road Not Taken
people_195_thumb.gif The Texas Co.
houses_025_thumb.gif The Texas Co.
miscellaneous_032_thumb.gif The Texas Co.
hays_035_thumb.gif The Texas Co.
buildings_285_thumb.gif The Windsor Hotel
people_037_thumb.gif Theodore Roosevelt addresses crowd at Midland Elevator (Hays, Ks.)
people_005_thumb.gif Theodore Roosevelt Campaign in Hays, Ks.
people_012_thumb.gif Theodore Roosevelt in Hays, Ks.
people_032_thumb.gif Theodore Roosevelt visits Hays, Ks.
people_060_thumb.gif Theodore Roosevelt, Russell, Ks.
buildings_203_thumb.gif Tholen Jewelry
miscellaneous_046_thumb.gif Threshing Outfit The Wheat Farming Company
people_035_thumb.gif Tipton Family, White Water, Ks.
people_143_thumb.gif Tom Mix
people_156_thumb.gif Tom Mix
people_142_thumb.gif Tom Mix
people_149_thumb.gif Tom Mix
miscellaneous_218_thumb.gif Tom Reed
miscellaneous_064_thumb.gif Tomb of Washington, Mount Vernon
houses_069_thumb.gif Treat home 6th and Main (Hays, Ks.)
hays_079_thumb.gif Treat Pond and Visitors
counties_005_thumb.gif Trego County Good Health Ship
counties_006_thumb.gif Trego County Good Health Ship
schools_020_thumb.gif Trinity Lutheran Church
buildings_253_thumb.gif Trinity Lutheran Church 13th and Fort Now is St. Joseph's Catholic Info Center
buildings_113_thumb.gif Twenter and Son Motor
buildings_229_thumb.gif Twenter Motor Co
buildings_071_thumb.gif Twenter Motor Co
buildings_232_thumb.gif Twenter Motor Co.
miscellaneous_005_thumb.gif Twenter Motor Co.
miscellaneous_008_thumb.gif Twenter Motor Co.
miscellaneous_015_thumb.gif Twenter Motor Co.
buildings_016_thumb.gif Twenter Motor Co.
buildings_121_thumb.gif Twenter Motor Co.
miscellaneous_006_thumb.gif Twenter Motor Co.
hays_019_thumb.gif Twenter Motor Co.
miscellaneous_213_thumb.gif Twenter Motor Co. (Dr. Bryan buys 1st 1945 Ford)
miscellaneous_211_thumb.gif Twenter Motor Co. (Dr. Bryan buys 1st 1945 Ford)
buildings_096_thumb.gif Twenter Motor Sale
counties_042_thumb.gif Twin Mounds Area, McPherson County
counties_067_thumb.gif Twin Mounds or Battle Hills, McPherson County, Ks.
counties_054_thumb.gif Twin Mounds, McPherson County, Ks.
counties_057_thumb.gif Twin Mounds, McPherson County, Ks.
counties_056_thumb.gif Twin Mounds, McPherson County, Ks.
counties_055_thumb.gif Twin Mounds, McPherson County, Ks.
schools_053_thumb.gif Typing Laboratory